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Welcome to Kingsville, Maryland


Kingsville is a rather unique place in Baltimore County, lying between the forks of the Gunpowder River in an area which is a mix of rural and urban development. It has a rich history going back nearly 350 years to the beginning of Baltimore County when some of the original land grants were made along the Chesapeake Bay and Gunpowder River. Three hundred thirty years ago, Baltimore County's second courthouse was established nearby where it remained for 20 years before being moved across the river to Joppa.

4th of July Parade

Kingsville is lucky to have dedicated volunteers who arrange a parade every year (but not in 2020). It returned in 2021 as good as ever. More info here. Since parking is at a premium, and I have a large backyard right at the mid-way point in the parade, I usually provide free parking, unless it is too wet. We can handle about 50 cars. Check back here the night before the parade or watch for signs on parade day.

Fire Company

Kingsville is fortunate to have a first-rate, volunteer fire company. It outgrew its facilities and recently built an addition. More info -->

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   A neighbor has set up an account on NextDoor.com to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas among residents of Kingsville and some nearby communities. If you live in the area shown, click on the map to start your registration.