Telecommunications Advisory Panel

The CEQ was created by the County Council to advise it on matters related to the environment. It is covered by Sections 3-3-2101 through 2105 of the Baltimore County Code which calls for 15 members and requires it to meet "no less than 4 times per year".

The owner of this website was appointed as the 3rd District rep to this Commission by Bryan McIntire in 2009 and became a very active member, taking the minutes (as posted online). In March 2012, several of us met with the new 3rd District Councilman, Todd Huff, to brief him on some issue. Shortly afterwards, I received an e-mail from his aid informing me that I had been replaced. For the next 3 years, no minutes were taken, at least, none were posted online.

(This type of action by Huff was part of the reason he lost reelection in 2014.)

Updated 22 May 2021