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What is Kingsville?

Baltimore County is somewhat unique among counties in that it does not have any incorporated towns within its boundaries. While this provides for centralization for enacting and enforcing laws, it leaves local areas without the sense of a "town" or "village", which makes it harder for citizens to feel good about or get interested in their own neighborhoods. As a replacement for the missing "towns", various other definitions of "areas" have to suffice to provide a reference for people who need to think in terms of a local community. While some areas nearby such as White Marsh and Nottingham have a real problem with identity, "Kingsville" provides a rather definite sense of area to most people. If asked to describe what and where "Kingsville" is, most residents would come up with very similar explanations.

For reference the following exist:

ZIP Code

The 21087 Zip Code is Kingsville, but even that is somewhat confusing, partly due to the closing of the adjacent Bradshaw P.O. some years ago. To this day, some residents in that area may still list their address as "Bradshaw" even though they have been changed to the 21087 Zip Code. In addition, part of the 21087 Zip Code extends south of the Big Gunpowder into "Perry Hall", and part north into Harford County. The Post Office cannot give accurate information concerning the bounds of the 21087 and 21156 zip codes. You can look up an individual address, but not see the big picture. It has not been possible to get an official map from the US Postal Service, since they do not produce one. Some "service"! The local POs don't have a map and I've found that PO employees are confused by where the boundaries are. The ones on MyNeighborhood and GoogleEarth should be fairly accurate, and a fairly good Zip Code map can be found at But, all of these show differences.

According to the County map, the lots next to the Upper Falls PO are not even in the Upper Falls ZIP (21156). In fact, the 21156 code appears to have been assigned incorrectly since everything else around here is 210--. 211-- is northern Baltimore County into Carroll and Harford Counties.

School District

Kingsville has no middle or high school within its boundaries, but the elementary school, and its district, serves as a sense of community. Recreation programs and meetings are held at the school (during normal times).

Planning Area

The County Planning Department defines areas as the basis for various planning efforts. Associated with this, the Greater Kingsville Area Community Plan, written in 1996, is for a specific area which roughly matches this planning area (without the far, southwest corner). It appears that the County has dropped this designation of "planning area", since no reference can now be found on the county website or in the Master Plan 2020.

Police Precincts

The Kingsville area is split down the center of Belair Rd between the While Marsh and the Parkville precincts.

Historical Places

Kingsville, Upper Falls, Fork, Bradshaw, Mt Vista, Franklinville, Jerusalem, etc.

Updated 16 Jan 2021