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As noted, the business listings on this site do not link to on-line business directories. These so-called directories are cluttering up the Internet with junk. There are hundreds of them, such as topix.com, yellowbot.com, and facebook, which are simply lists of business names, addresses, and phone numbers, many of them out of date, which were created by a search computer. They generally provide no useful information and just get in the way of searches for a business's real web page. They are attempting to get business owners to register their business (for a fee) and to get customers to enter ratings and comments about a business. There are so many of them that none of them could ever be successful. The same exists with sites that index peoples' names, like pipl and yelp, and hundreds of sites that say that they will do reverse phone lookups (for a price). Hopefully the day will come when Google and other search engines provide a simple way to filter out all this junk, but then, they are probably the ones behind many of these sites.

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Updated 14 Jan 2013 by MAP