Community Standards

Sign Standards

As noted, the business listings do not include those which are not in conformance with community standards (in the opinion of the owner of this site) regarding signs and product display. While the County Sign Code is rather complex, there are some rather simple provisions which are easy to follow. In fact, reasonable, responsible people do not need a Code to understand what is appropriate and what is not. As usual with laws, one can twist the meaning of the Sign Code and get a lawyer to argue successfully that some provision contradicts another and allows a business to do something which was clearly not intended, or which any person with a conscience would not do.

As an example, the use of "feather flags" with stars and stripes, and red, white, and blue, even though clearly not real American flags, was allowed by a Code Enforcement hearing officer some years ago, since it was argued that they come within the Code exception for a "flag of a nation". Any reasonable American knows that this is not our flag and, in fact, that this type of display for commercial purposes is un-patriotic. (It is actually a violation of US law.)

The essential Sign Code provisions which apply in Kingsville area the following:

  • No portable signs.
  • No pennants, flags, banners, etc.
  • Temporary "event" banner allowed 60 days per year (with permit).
  • No electronic changeable copy signs.
  • No flashing window signs
  • Windows limited to 2 electronic signs ("Open"), 3 sq feet each, can not go on and off at any rate.
  • Each business allowed 1 freestanding sign, max 25 sq feet.
  • Each business allowed 1 wall sign, max 8 sq feet.
  • No illuminated sign unless approved by zoning hearing.
  • Illumination (if allowed) must be turned off when business closed.

Storage and product display standards

The Code requirements for storage and display (for businesses) are essentially the following:

  • Storage behind or side of building, not in front.
  • Storage limited to 15% of property.
  • Storage must be hidden behind fence.
  • Product display (including vehicles for sale) no more than 5 ft in front of required front building line.

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