Department of Planning (and some others) reports

The Department of Planning prepares various research reports to assist other departments and the County Council in their decision-making. It seems that more of these reports were done for many years under the previous administration and the leadership of Pat Keller as head of the Office of Planning. While there are a few such studies and reports online now, others can only be found from Archives. The links below provide a comprehensive list of those that can now be found.


The Planning Department prepares various reports that summarize how much development has taken place in the county.

Minor Subdivision Report (2007-2012) District 2 (67 kB),   District 3 (86 kB),   District 5 (68 kB)
(For after 2012, see the Quarterly Subdivision reports.)

Rural Development and Zoning Overview (prepared for the CZMP 2008) (860 kB)
Planning Research Report, New residential construction 2000-2007, July 2008 (550 kB)
Residential Capacity Study 2010 (inside URDL)
Annual Growth Report 2012 (3.5 MB)
Annual Growth Report 2013 (5 MB)
Annual Growth Report 2014 (4 MB)
Annual Growth Report 2015 (2 MB)
Annual Growth Report 2016 (2.6 MB)
Annual Growth Report 2017 (3.3 MB)
Annual Growth Report 2018 (4.2 MB)

Updated 16 Jan 2021