Decisions of the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges

This list includes those since FY 2009 which are or were found online in their orignal PDF form (machine searchable and readable by the blind). At present, those issued before FY 2015 are no longer online at Baltimore County, so the following provides links to a local archive where copies exist. There are many that were never online (no link provided), perhaps because they were withdrawn or the staff simply failed to put them online. Click here for a list. (I am trying to get PDF copies, but it requires filing a PIA request, which should not be needed.) For some others, I am getting a scanned copy to post here.

The earlier zoning case files are being placed online. Those for 2015 and before are available. These are a scan of the entire case file, including a copy of the order, plats, exhibits, appeals, sign-in lists, etc. If you need one for FY 2015 or before, try the following to get it. Enter the year and the case number and click "Get!". If you get a 404 error or a blank display, it is not yet available through this utility (or doesn't exist).
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As an alternative, use MyNeighborhood, find the property by address and, from the Layer List, make sure that "Zoning History Cases" is turned on, click the 3 dots to the right to make sure that pop-ups are enabled. Then click on the property that shows cross-hatching and step through the displays until the desired case is shown, scroll down to "More info" and click to download. This currently contains cases up through 2015.

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Entries highlighted in light red are those in which the owner of this website appeared or testified as a protestant or petitioner.
Items highlighted in light blue were attended out of interest.
Click on case number in 1st column for copy of order. Those without links have not yet been concluded or published (or they just failed to post them online).
Those without entries in the last column are mostly requests for setback variances or narrow lots.

Variances, Special Exceptions, etc.

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Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2021-0001-SPHMelissa & Joseph Mihm13614 Devonbrook Rd In-law addition
2021-0003-ARodolfo & Patricia Rosenberg1005 Cold Spring Rd  
2021-0004-XJoan Sauter Stevens, Carol Sauter, Dawn Sauter Marszal, owners
Lion One, LLC, purchaser
Ridge Rd, 350ft n of Dogwood Rd Solar Facility 
2021-0005-AMelvin & Julia Kestner800 Middle RdAdmin variance 
2021-0006-SPHCarlyle Montanya4510&4600 Prospect Ave  
2021-0007-AGallery Church of Baltimore, Inc502-504 Fairview Ave  
2021-0008-XAFrances Fischer, owner
Green Clean Auto Wash, purchaser
8711 Liberty Rd  
2021-0009-SPHGilroy, LLCEnd of Gilroy Rd Dev in floodplain
2021-0010-SPHXPasqualena, LLC20517 Keeney Mill Rd Camp and community care center
2021-0011-ANorman & Danette Boone12415 Wolbert WayAdmin variance 
2021-0013-SPHRichard & Kathleen Windsor20061 Middletown Rd  
2021-0014-AWilliam & Constance Howell9119 Ave BAdmin variance 
2021-0015-SPHAAlex & Olga Keselman2A Stone Garden Ct Panhandle drive >500ft
2021-0016-AMatthew & Mary Newcomb5714 First AveAdmin variance 
2021-0017-SPHAJustin & Crystal Sapp14 Gerwell Ct 1/2 bath in detached structure
2021-0017-SPHAJustin & Crystal Sapp14 Gerwell Ct Amended
2021-0018-AHonor Walesby16 Dutton Ave  
2021-0019-ADominion Rental Holding, LLC8520 Castlemill Cir  
2021-0020-SPHRachel, Michael, and Renee Cantori29 Pelczar Ave In-law apartment
2021-0021-AGast Construction, Charles Gast1119 Chester Rd Lot width 39/70ft
2021-0022-AAmy Hribar & Tomasz Kubicz515 Sussex RdAdmin variance 
2021-0023-AEstate of Evelyn Elliott3903 Glenhurst Rd  
2021-0024-SPHAEstate of Evelyn Elliotadj to 3903 Glenhurst Rd  
2021-0025-AMichael & Lana Marie Condon1316 Chesapeake AveAdmin variance 
2021-0026-ADaniel & Lindsay Redfield720 Chapel Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2021-0027-SPHJoseph & Lisa Hosier1 Kincaid Ct  
2021-0028-SPHADavid & Shellie Krajewski3522 Glenwood Rd In-law apartment
2021-0029-SPHDr Norman & Ellen BartonOvershot Ct 8/25/21 postponed
2021-0030-AStephen Jonke & Rebekah Remington-Jonke8 Cedarwood RdAdmin variance 
2021-0031-XChris & Wanda Morsberger2938 Hernwood Rd Solar
2021-0032-AHerbert & Helen Hextor3208 Shelbourne RdAdmin variance 
2021-0033-AWayne & Denise Chesner3300 Tray LnAdmin variance 
2021-0034-AGeorge & Marie Rogers, etal1445 Galena RdAdmin variance 
2021-0035-AJeffrey & Kristen Lawrence600 Windwood RdAdmin variance 
2021-0036-AMatthew & Sarah Paul2301 Gross AveAdmin variance 
2021-0037-SPHVirginia Kenney, deceased639 Plymouth Rd 6 dwelling units
2021-0038-AStephen & Deborah Gerlach7 Blackforest RdAdmin variance 
2021-0039-AJeffrey & Katherine Patti1215 Sparks RdAdmin variance 
2021-0040-SPHAOakleigh Road LLC8649 Oakleigh Rd Parking in res.
2021-0040-SPHAOakleigh Road LLC8649 Oakleigh RdMotion for reconsiderationGranted
2021-0041-AElizabeth Martin & Wayne Thompson1933 Bulls Sawmill Rd see 2020-187
2021-0042-ARonald Dupye8340 Scotts Level RdAdmin variance 
2021-0043-SPHXAmbrose Properties, LLC, Funeral Home2719 Hammonds Ferry Rd Funeral facility
2021-0044-SPHANorth Plaza, LLC8858 Waltham Woods Rd Signs
2021-0045-AMark & Emily Wachtmeister6311 Pinehurst RdAdmin variance 
2021-0046-AFP Sub, LLC, owner; McDonald's, Purchaser7927 Belair Rd Parking 34/64
2021-0047-SPHAPerring Plaza1951-1955 E Joppa Rd Parking 1640/2203
(see also 2021-0112)
2021-0048-AHenry & Consatnce Curry3914 Klausmier RdAdmin variance 
2021-0049-ADaniel & Stephanie Gallagher7900 Ruxwood RdAdmin variance 
2021-0049-ADaniel & Stephanie Gallagher7900 Ruxwood RdMotion for recon.Granted
2021-0050-SPHAOuty PropertiesSW side Park Heights Ave, NW of Hunting Tweed Dr  
2021-0051-AMichael Schuster & Lauren Lynch3302 Tray LnAdmin variance 
2021-0052-AMark Twardzik10804 Acme AveAdmin variance 
2021-0053-AKensington Associates4622 Wilkens Ave  
2021-0054-AChristopher & Jessica Hughes713 Hollow RdAdmin variance 
2021-0055-SPH110% Sports Venture, LLC1400 Coppermine Ter Group child care
2021-0056-ATrade Craft Homes, LLCS side Elton Ave, e side Poplar (Lot 11)  
2021-0057-ATrade Craft Homes, LLCS side Elton Ave, e side Poplat (Lot 12)  
2021-0058-AKevin & Julia McAllister200 Hopkins Ln  
2021-0059-AWilliam & Mary McFaul516 East Seminary Ave  
2021-0060-AJonathan & Mary Herring9240 Harford RdAdmin variance 
2021-0061-SPHABrian & Rana Knapp11109 Towood Rd In-law apartment
2021-0063-AJacqueline & Chris Norman17216 Wesley Chapel RdAdmin variance 
2021-0064-AMonkton Ridge Farms, LLC1302 Monkton Rd  
2021-0065-AJenny Daley-Kess9123 Summer Park DrAdmin variance 
2021-0067-SPHXAHV Dealership Properties, LLC10240-10260 York Rd Service garage in ML
2021-0068-ATalisman Towson LP1238 Putty Hill Ave Signs
2021-0069-ATroy Lee & Mary Lou Ray7531 Mount Vista RdAdmin variance 
2021-0071-AAnthony & Alicia Garcia Ward4440 Bucks School House RdAdmin variance 
2021-0072-ALukisha Denise Washington40 Summerfield Rd Assisted living
2021-0073-AJason Bonadio12 Fairwood View CtAdmin varianceGarage - no bath
2021-0073-AJason Bonadio12 Fairwood View CtMotion of reconGranted
2021-0074-ADwayne & LaKeshia Williasm1309 Midmeadow RdAdmin variance 
2021-0075-AMMGE Properties, LLC3000 New York Ave  
2021-0076-ASecurity Boulevard Ventures, LLC7726 Johnnycake Rd Appealed
2021-0077-AMark & Cynthia Kendrick15306 Carroll RdAdmin variance 
2021-0078-AHarold & Ann Weber9 Huntersworth Ct  
2021-0079-ASt Thomas GGCAL, LLC9900 Reisterstown Rd Parking 454/504
2021-0080-XAJake & Jill Properties, LLC6667 Security Blvd Car wash
2021-0081-SPHAChristopher & Samantha Bowerman4012 Chestnut Rd 
2021-0082-SPHADerek & Christina Ziese405 Chattolanee Hill Rd  
2021-0083-SPHAMark & Dawn Stoute801 Hilltop Rd In-law apartment
2021-0084-AJoseph & Katherine Orenstein603 Windwood RdAdmin variance 
2021-0085-AFlax Properties, LLC, owner; CitySwitch, LLC, purchaser9 (7) Greenwood Pl Cell Tower
2021-0086-ANishant Shah3813 North Point Blvd Parking 33/79
2021-0087-AClement Cugle & Tonya Wells2016 Drummond RdAdmin variance 
2021-0088-ASasha Turner-Bryson & Howard Bryson499A Epson RdAdmin variance 
2021-0089-AKimberly Guercio2938 Edgewood RdAdmin variance 
2021-0090-SPHMaryland CVS Pharmacy, LLC4701 Wilkens Ave Directional sign
2021-0091-AThomas & Ashley Oliver200 Meadowvale RdAdmin variance 
2021-0092-AAndrew & Catherine Jones14910 Joyce Ln  
2021-0093-AAdele & George Donald13 Country Hill CtAdmin variance 
2021-0094-AWesley & Jennifer Peters112 Starhill Ln  
2021-0095-SPHAAngela McCann17423 Troyer Rd Home occupation, detached structure w/bath
granted and dismissed as moot
2021-0096-AGregory & Samantha Foti942 Piney Hill RdAdmin variance 
2021-0097-ANancy Wilkey & Betty Ruano, owner;
Kimberly Yamas, purchaser
6072 Falls Rd Parking 3/10, withdrawn
2021-0098-AAntonio Gargiulo11307 Beach Rd Appealed
2021-0099-SPHAMichael & Monica Golder20320 West Liberty Rd  
2021-0100-ASteven Mitchell8822 Fox CirAdmin variance 
2021-0101-XAKathryn Soul1431 White Hall Rd Commercial kennel
2021-0102-XBarolo LLC11175 Pulaski Hwy, corner Stevens Rd Used Motor Vehicle sales - Oct 12
See 2021-0185-X
2021-0103-AGregory & Christa Zalewski9128A Cowenton AveAdmin variance 
2021-0104-AEmmanuel & Laruren Holmes2817 Sparrows Point Rd  
2021-0105-SPHXASt Rita's Catholic Church2907 Dunleer Rd RTA, Community Care - appealed
2021-0106-AGregory & Marci Wendell123 Saint Thomas LnAdmin variance 
2021-0107-ARonald & Glenda Gurnsey106 Hillside RdAdmin variance 
2021-0108-ARobert & Dean Hopkins3410 Blenheim Rd  
2021-0109-ALuke Star, LLC11 Lynbrook Rd  
2021-0109-ALuke Star, LLC11 Lynbrook RdMotion for recon. Granted
2021-0110-SPHAZachary & Emily Fisher14110 Blenheim Rd  
2021-0111-AJennifer Moyer9200 Smith Ave  
2021-0112-SPHAPerring Plaza1951-1955 E Joppa Rd Signs (see also 2021-0047)
2021-0113-AZvi & Hillary Spivack5 Richards Green CtAdmin variance 
2021-0114-AOwings Mills Mall, LLC10300 Mill Run Cir Signs
2021-0115-ADRL, LLC17310 Big Falls Rd  
2021-0116-AAbraham & Chana Fogel3312 Greenvale RAdmin variance 
2021-0117-AStephen & Vicki Sappe1000 Katy LnAdmin variance 
2021-0118-AEmerson & Ashley Sanders1240 Seven Oaks RdAdmin variance 
2021-0119-ANaftoli & Shifra Tropper2441 Hunt DrAdmin variance 
2021-0120-AJoey Chris Carter9242 Old Harford RdAdmin variance 
2021-0121-AJames & Yvonne Reichlin205 A North Beechwood AveAdmin variance 
2021-0122-AShawn & Marlene Hartman2023 Sue AveAdmin variance 
2021-0123-AAlbert Zimmerman12887 Eagles View RdAdmin variance 
2021-0124-ADenise Shipley11912 Berans RdAdmin variance 
2021-0125-AJacqueline Richards-Fabian1139 Greenway RdAdmin variance 
2021-0126-SPHCGS Development, LLC, owner
Carroll Island Realty, LLC, purchaser
105 Carroll Island Rd Sale of bakery goods (Dunkin Donut) - appealed
2021-0127-XIMH Holdings, LLC owner;
Nick Maumenee, purchaser?
1696 Hillside Rd Landscape operations on 1.2a, nursery
2021-0128-ARonald Hogg & Linda Ware1117 Cold Spring Rd  
2021-0129-ACharles & Teresa Duvall9808 Adams WayAdmin variance 
2021-0130-SPHACombined Properties LP6303 Baltimore National Pike Parking 993/1215
2021-0131-SPHA1920 Clarendon, LLC, owners; McDonald's, lessee10113,10117 Reisterstown Rd Riverine flood plain, signs, parking 33/69
2021-0132-ABrandon & Deon Harvey16304 Falls RdAdmin variance 
2021-0133-AChristopher Wiedey3607 Southside AveAdmin variance 
2021-0134-AAudrey Smith1005 Sayward Ave Assisted living
2021-0135-AElizabeth & Joseph Hobelmann6521 Montrose AveAdmin variance 
2021-0136-AC&P Continental Construction, LLC812 Creek Rd  
2021-0137-AJames & Bethany Amos21326 Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2021-0138-AJeffrey & Sara Rummell211 South Tyrone RdAdmin variance 
2021-0139-ARicardo & Ashley Ramtahal1501 Somogyi RdAdmin variance 
2021-0140-ALisa Kornberg & Emma Lynn Hawthorn8 Brightside AveAdmin variance 
2021-0141-SPHRobert & Benetta Staab1930 Robinhood Rd In-law apartment
2021-0141-SPHRobert & Benetta Staab1930 Robinhood Rd Amended order
2021-0142-AWaddell & Janese Daniels11 Birchbrook CtAdmin variance 
2021-0144-AYork Green LP1300 York Rd Sign
2021-0145-AMatthew Solel, 10742 York Rd, LLC10744 York Rd Parking 6/11
2021-0146-SPHAMcDonald's3423 Eastern Blvd Parking 79/94
2021-0147-AThomas & Megan Liewellyn11 Ivt Reach CtAdmin variance 
2021-0148-AAlexandra & Evan Berney106 Woodbrook LnAdmin variance 
2021-0149-SPHAG4 Enterprises, LLC11606 Eastern Blvd  
2021-0151-ANelson & Myra Brooks1414 Magers Landing RdAdmin variance 
2021-0152-XBenjamin Fakheri & Pardis Parizadeh2518 Farringdon Rd Dental office
2021-0153-ALisa Gillis9703 Kings Point Rd Assisted living within 1000f - dismissed - address is 3703
2021-0154-SPHARichard & Sharon Cucina394 Stablers Church Rd In-law apartment
2021-0158-SPHAWilmar Castillo7409 Brookwood Ave In-law apartment
2021-0159-SPHAFrank & Roslyn Corasaniti2415 Crestnoll RdMotion for recon.Corrected
2021-0160-ASudhir & Deepa Dutta11601 Barthel RdAdmin variance 
2021-0161-XEzra Rahbaran204 Reisterstown Rd  
2021-0162-AGregory & Karen Schaub2203 Forest Ridge Rd  
2021-0163-AAnthony & Julie Warren900 Jamieson RdAdmin variance 
2021-0164-A1735 Searles, LLC6817 Fifth Ave  
2021-0165-SPHADavid & Anna Quintero, owner; Richard Perrera, purchaserLot #A (911) Catherine Ave  
2021-0166-AJohn & Elizabeth Martin1540-1542 South Rolling Rd Poultry on .94a - denied
2021-0167-AEvan & Stacey Baron3115 Northbrook RdAdmin variance 
2021-0168-SPHAl Czervick, owner; Greg Remeikis, purchaser3912 Briar Point Rd House on .994a/1.5a
2021-0169-AJohn & Dianna Bonggiorno, owner
Samantha Bongiorno & Charles Tarr
1312 Burke Ave Res on .33a in RC5
2021-0170-SPHAJohn & Trisha Phillips34 Edmondson Ridge Rd  
2021-0171-ATanya Nibeth9 Hawick CtAdmin variance 
2022-0172-ABrian & Lauren Englum1908 Eastridge RdAdmin variance 
2022-0173-ASarah Reca8105 Dukie AveAdmin variance 
2021-0174-AEliott Morales7628 Philadelphia Rd  
2021-0175-SPHXAVereit SC Timonium MD, LLC15 Texas Station Ct Signs, parking 460/622
2021-0176-SPHAScott & Theresa Faust, owner;
Maxim Building Group, LLC, purchaser
518 Kent Ave Undersized lot
2021-0177-SPHAKirk Bauer433 Ingleside Ave 
2021-0179-AJoseph Myers901 Oakdene Rd .317a/1.5a
2021-0181-SPHXSolomon Emeke9506-8 Liberty Rd Used vehicle sales
2021-0182-XAMiddle River Vol Fire & RescueLeland Ave Service garage
2021-0183-AYoseph & Randi Orshan3401 Overlook Rd  
2021-0184-SPHNicholas & Iris Maggio8209 Rosebank Ave Service Garage
2021-0185-XJoanne & Joseph Ferandes5803 Stevens Rd Used vehicle sales - Oct 12
2021-0186-ABrian & Susan Serp12918 Fork RdAdmin variance 
2021-0187-AJared & Melody Kelly1119 Saddle Creek CtAdmin variance 
2021-0189-ADaniel & Julianne Paindexter3019 Cotter Rd  
2021-0190-XEdward & Eileen Katz203 Conewood Ave Proffesional office in DR
2021-0191-ANicholae & Demitrios Komninos4 Ruxton Ridge GarthAdmin variance 
2021-0192-SPHAThomas & Leslie Ries8417 Greenspring Ave  
2021-0193-AStephen McNamara & Pamela Villeneuve9925 Bird River RdAdmin variance 
2021-0193-AStephen McNamara & Pamela Villeneuve1306 Monkton RdMotion for recon.Granted
2021-0194-XV&S Kings Point Square, LLC, owner; James Brooks, purchaser9900 Liberty Rd Funeral establishment in BL CCC
2021-0199-XGRS Properties, LLC1630 E Joppa Rd Car wash
2021-0200-AKimberly Dorsey & Mattie White9307 Master Derby Dr  
2021-0201-SPHAQaisar Shahzad, Fazal, LLC8202 Pulaski Hwy Amend 2019-0171-XA
2021-0202-AJennifer Estrada5706 Emory Rd  
2021-0203-ACarla Jean Moore7300 Stratton WayAdmin variance 
2021-0204-SPH Stephanie Dines, Judith Dines1914 Oak Dr Apart in detached bldg
2021-0205-AAndrew Schreiber1118 Burke Rd  
2021-0206-AShiomo & Adina Hollander6520 Copperfield RdAdmin variance 
2021-0207-AAngelarose M. Deluca7915 Ruxway RdAdmin variance 
2021-0208-AJames Wilcox20309 Gore Mill Rd  
2021-0209-AEric & Bessie Conway1109 Cowpens AveAdmin variance 
2021-0210-ACharles & Erin Gittings3221A Mount Zion RdAdmin variance 
2021-0212-AMichael & Roxana Oliver14422 Maple Ridge CtAdmin variance 
2021-0213-ANaseem Rafiq318 West Cherry Hill Ct  
2021-0214-SPHA3805 OMB Development, LLC3805 Owings Mills Blvd  
2021-0215-ADanielle Vafiri & Francis Bonadio808 Dartmoor Rd  
2021-0216-ACovington 1955 Irrevocable Trust3105 Hunting Tweed Dr  
2021-0217-AMichael & Shelly McKew2510 Holly Beach Rd Lot size 0.02a/1.5a
2021-0218-ARobert Andryszak915 Frog Mortar Rd  
2021-0219-SPHAYorkridge Shopping Center, LLC1800-1810 York Rd Parking 884/1179
2021-0220-ACharles & Mary Ubaldo1120 Diary RdAdmin variance 
2021-0221-ACynthia Egan15 Meadow Rd  
2021-0223-ARyan & Hilary Ferro7117 Wardman RdAdmin variance 
2021-0224-ASteven & Jackie Appel3119 Northwind Rd  
2021-0225-AMcDonald's6315 Kenwood Ave Parking 70/90
2021-0226-ADarren & Elizabeth Sweeney224 B Tufton Ridge RdAdmin Var 
2021-0228-AJeyan & Diane Jebaraj15 Sunday CtAdmin variance 
2021-0229-ADhruvesh Butala & Krupali Patel12106 Lamottes CtAdmin variance 
2021-0230-AJoseph & Toniann Fox923 Rolandvue RdAdmin variance 
2021-0231-SPHACanyon Capital, LLCPhiladelphia Rd, 145ft n of Jones House on 1a
2021-0232-SPHTempo Real Estate 3, LLC803 Easteren Blvd Used vehicle sales
2021-0234-SPHBay Capitol Group, LLC807 Easterm Blvd Parking in res.
2021-0236-AGlen Boyd8231 Rosebank AveAdmin Var 
2021-0239-AEmmanuel & Donna Gikas4815 Bart Allen LnAdmin Var 
2021-0240-APhilip Deitz2935 Ridge RdAdmin Var 
2021-0242-ASteve & Heather Horton3009 Michigan AveAdmin Var 
2021-0242-ASteve & Heather Horton3009 Michigan AveAdmin VarAmended
2021-0245-ADeborah & Charles Franco3032 Second AveAdmin Var 
2021-0246-ANelson & Myra Brooks1414 Magers Landing RdAdmin Var 
2021-0247-ADeanna & Marcy Chemilli3915 Meeting House RdAdmin Var 
2021-0248-AJohn Crisafulli707 Grantwood RdAdmin Var 
2021-0250-SPHGreenspring Manor2310 W Joppa Rd w/Dev Hearing, 61 houses in failing traffic-shed - Oct 21 or 22 postponed
2021-0253-ABritta Costello & Joshua Yocum307 Deep Dale Dr  

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