Decisions of the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner and Administrative Law Judges

This list includes those since FY 2009 which are or were found online in their orignal PDF form (machine searchable and readable by the blind). At present, those issued before FY 2015 are no longer online at Baltimore County, so the following provides links to a local archive where copies exist. There are many that were never online (no link provided), perhaps because they were withdrawn or the staff simply failed to put them online. Click here for a list. (I am trying to get PDF copies, but it requires filing a PIA request, which should not be needed.) For some others, I am getting a scanned copy to post here.

The earlier zoning case files are being placed online. Those for 2015 and before are available. These are a scan of the entire case file, including a copy of the order, plats, exhibits, appeals, sign-in lists, etc. If you need one for FY 2015 or before, try the following to get it. Enter the year and the case number and click "Get!". If you get a 404 error or a blank display, it is not yet available through this utility (or doesn't exist).
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As an alternative, use MyNeighborhood, find the property by address and, from the Layer List, make sure that "Zoning History Cases" is turned on, click the 3 dots to the right to make sure that pop-ups are enabled. Then click on the property that shows cross-hatching and step through the displays until the desired case is shown, scroll down to "More info" and click to download. This currently contains cases up through 2015.

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Entries highlighted in light red are those in which the owner of this website appeared or testified as a protestant or petitioner.
Items highlighted in light blue were attended out of interest.
Click on case number in 1st column for copy of order. Those without links have not yet been concluded or published (or they just failed to post them online).
Scheduled hearing dates shown in 2nd column.
Those without entries in the last column are mostly requests for setback variances or narrow lots.

Variances, Special Exceptions, etc.

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Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2020-0001-SPHAMatthew Akinyemi6903 Meadowlawn Rd Church
2020-0002-SPHXABalaji, LLC, owner; Dundalk North Point, LLC purchaser201 North Point Blvd Fuel station, signs
2020-0003-SPHBolton Hill Investments, LLC8 Dunmanway Assisted living facility
2020-0004-ASarah Ciccarell5152 Byerly RdAdmin variance 
2020-0005-XBoulevard Christian Church, owner;
Churches for Streets of Hope, purchaser
920 Essex Ave Community care center - not heard
2020-0006-ADuane & Jacqualine Orth2026 Pot Spring RdAdmin variance 
2020-0007-AP Michael Management, LLC9707 Pulaski Hwy Parking 67/114, granted June 18, 2020
2020-0008-XPoint Breeze Credit Union, owner2 Philadelphia Ct Fuel station in MLR-IM, Feb 18
2020-0009-AWayne & Debra Sullivan8927 Philadelphia Rd 
2020-0010-AWilliam David, Ellen Kidd13211 Fork RdAdmin variance 
2020-0011-XWilliam Zacieka, owner; Amani Canaan, purchaser4050 North Point Blvd Used vehicle sales
granted 7/20/20
2020-0012-AJoshua & Terri Rosen7515 Labyrinth RdAdmin variance 
2020-0013-ADavid & Shirfra Mailin6803 Maurleen RdAdmin variance 
2020-0014-AJay Simonds, LLC1141 Berrymans Ln  
2020-0015-ACheryl Thurber100 Hillside RdAdmin variance 
2020-0016-AAllan & Linda Parsons12142 Harford RdAdmin variance 
2020-0017-DPHSouthern Charm Restorations, LLC1635 Bond Rd Lot Line Adjustment, granted June 25
2020-0018-SPHYvonne ShelleyBond Rd Granted June 25
2020-0019-APrabhjot & Ripdaman LikhariAdmin variance 
2020-0020-AWalter Ralph Wisner, Jr17801 Foreston RdAdmin variance 
2020-0021-SPHXAssociated Jewish Charities5425,27,29 Mt Gilead Rd  
2020-0022-SPHLouis Eckert221 Virginia Ave In-law apartment in garage
2020-0023-AMartin Kutlik12018 Deer Bit LnAdmin variance 
2020-0024-SPHARick Fowble4228 Osborn Rd 
2020-0025-ADavid & Cheryl Grabner4103 Halifax RdAdmin variance 
2020-0026-APeter & Elaine Haynes4708 Osborn RdAdmin variance 
2020-0027-ADellis, Michael & Loann1307 Gateshead RdAdmin variance 
2020-0028-AAlbert & Deborah Spence4516 Old Court Rd
2020-0029-AAlec & Suzanne Huber909 Belfast Rd 
2020-0030-AOlga Bell, trustee8522 Old Harford Rd 
2020-0031-AJames Alban IV13941 Cuba RdAdmin variance 
2020-0032-AClyde Slacum2301 Walnut Ave 
2020-0032-AClyde Slacum2301 Walnut AveMotion for reconsiderationDenied
2020-0033-AGonzalez Eliseo2000 Oak Dr 
2020-0034-AOlatuji Oyefusi9612 Mendoza RdAdmin variance 
2020-0035-ARegan Harycki6722 North River DrAdmin variance 
2020-0036-APamela & Wilbert Wrench3925 Lumo Cir Assisted living facility within 1000ft, withdrawn
2020-0037-SPHALaurie Industries Trust and Diajeff Trust, c/o Kin Properties, Inc, owner; Lidl, lessee8667 Belair Rd Parking 127/138, signs
2020-0038-SPHMichael Lang15701 Home Rd Non-density transfer, Granted 7/16/2020
2020-0039-SPHAMichael Martin5222 Byerly Rd Garage
2020-0040-SPHASheree Hunter, owner; Maxim, LLC, purchaser1102 Alexander Ave 
2020-0041-XW Arc Ph Centre Owner VIII, LLC4313 Ebenezer Rd Community Building (health club)
2020-0042-ADaniel & Robyn Riter3424 Birch Hollow RdAdmin variance 
2020-0043-AAnna Oster3 Oak Hollow CtAdmin variance
2020-0043-AAnna Oster3 Oak Hollow CtMotion for reconsideration - denied
2020-0044-SPHAMonica Watts6721 Mt Vista Rd Garage in front
2020-0045-SPHKeith Tinsley317 Academy Ave Bathroom in accessory structure, July 23
2020-0046-APTV Contacting, LLC, purchaser7908 New Battle Grove Rd Parking 36/53, granted July 1, 2020
2020-0047-ADavid & Elizabeth LaFlamme9902 Richlyn DrAdmin variance 
2020-0048-AWilliam & Rose Marie Alcarese13107 East Greenbank RdAdmin variance 
2020-0049-AJulie Martin207 Sherwood RdAdmin variance 
2020-0050-AVernon Chilcote, Jane Goldstrom3112 Mt Zion Rd Solar array (private) July 30
Joppa-Chapel Investments9149 Rexis Ave  
2020-0053-AMichael & Carolina Cronin521 Park AveAdmin variance 
2020-0054-AThomas & Justin Radke4103 Glen Park Rd
2020-0055-XEssex Plaza, LLC122 Eastern Ave Community building
2020-0056-AMatthew & Maria Cesnik907 Adana Rd Fowl on .177a, Aug 24
2020-0058-AEduard & Inna Gordon3501 Anton Farm Rd  
2020-0059-AMeher, LLC3309 E Joppa Rd  
2020-0060-AKevin Webber12 Gumwood DrAdmin variance 
2020-0061-SPHADavid Turner & Rebecca Taylor13026 Harford Rd 
2020-0062-AFrederick & Louise Auffarth1740 Drexel Rd  
2020-0063-AWayne & Colleen McDowell37 Anderson Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2020-0064-XACarol Santamaria18310 Gunpowder Rd Animal boarding, commercial kennel
2020-0065-SPHAAgape Christian Church100 E Timonium Rd Parking in res.
2020-0066-AWilliam & Judith Kurek9106 Hinton Ave  
2020-0067-SPHAWilliam & Judith Kurekadj to 9106 Hinton Ave  
2020-0068-AJazmin Samiento5122 Clifford RdAdmin variance 
2020-0069-AChadwick Manor, LLC, owner; Deloitte, LLP purchaser7111 Security Blvd Sign
2020-0070-SPHA803 Glen Eagles Court, LLC803 Gleneagles Ct Body shop, parking 44/110, granted 9/21/2020
2020-0071-XLighthouse, Inc60 Mellor Ave Class B office building
2020-0072-AIsham, LLC2419 Crestnoll Rd  
2020-0073-AWoodholme Country Club, Inc.Mt Wilson Ln 
2020-0073-APCCMt Wilson LnMotione for reconsiderationDenied
2020-0074-AWells Fargo Bank, owner; MFR Realty, purchaser1730 York Rd Parking 12/57 and 6/26
2020-0075-ADaniel & Holly Vanderwalde3219 Timberfield LnAdmin variance 
2020-0076-SPHAJKM RE Company, LLC8703 Belair Rd Parking 16/33
2020-0077-A2816 Old North Point, LLC2816 Old North Rd  
2020-0079-SPHJohn Fitts, Jr8611 McDaniel Ave Assisted living
2020-0080-AKilmamock Associates, LP, owners
R Frederick Obrecht Properties, LLC, purchaser
1920 York Rd Parking 376/431
2020-0081-AMedstar Ambulatory Services, Inc9103 Franklin Square Dr Signs
2020-0082-ALorenzo Hanka & Elizabeth Marek404 Montrose AveAdmin variance 
2020-0083-AJess & Carrie Constantino13416 Bottom RdAdmin variance 
2020-0084-AJoshua & Kelly Nelson2208 Wiltonwood RdAdmin variance 
2020-0085-ATerry Goodling226 Bentley RdAdmin variance 
2020-0086-AMark Bocklage13 Cockpit St  
2020-0087-AKevin & Julia McAllister200 Hopkins Ln  
2020-0088-AEric Taylor2209 Sparrows Point Rd  
2020-0089-AMatthew & Stacey Thompson9137 Field Rd Granted 9/22/20
2020-0090-SPHACraig Kestner13217 Cherwin Ave Part granted, part moot 9/28/20nbsp;
2020-0091-AMichael & Darlene Peters7710 Iroquis AveAdmin variance 
2020-0092-AStephanie Perna & Mark Wingo2020 Willoughby RdDmin variance 
2020-0093-SPHParkton Development Group, LLC19330 York Rd Postponed
2020-0094-AAnthony & Page Demma1719 Willis DrAdmin variance 
2020-0095-ACharles Manners2200 Riverview RdAdmin variance 
2020-0096-SPHAThe Israel of God3113 Richwood Rd Allow existing violations
2020-0097-AGregory & Elizabeth Ensor1322 Burke RdAdmin variance 
2020-0098-ADavid & Talia Michelsohn3512 Autumn DrAdmin variance 
2020-0098-ADavid & Talia Michelsohn3512 Autumn DrAmended order 
2020-0100-SPHPTL RD Corp15605 Dark Hollow Rd Undersized lot Feb 10
2020-0101-ACarney Village LTP Partnership9613 Harford Rd Parking 244/337
2020-0102-ACrosswinds at Rolling Road Apartment2623 Rolling Rd Signs
2020-0104-A712 Monkton, LLC712 Monkton Rd Granted 9/29/20
2020-0105-SPHWessell Emily Ruth, trustee106-110 Maple Ave Dev plan
2020-0107-ARonald & Carol Abrams8011 Wood Ave Withdrawn
2020-0108-ADavid & Yvonne Lienhard213 Rosewood AveAdmin variance 
2020-0108-ABradley & Laura WheatonMotion for ReconsiderationGranted, petition dismissed
2020-0109-SPHThomas & Patricia EltringhamPatapco Ave  
2020-0110-SPHCatherine Brown298 Montrose Ave in-law apartment
2020-0111-ARoben & Shannon Key125 Edgewood RdAdmin variance 
2020-0112-ACierra Payton & Cynthia Glover4204 Perry River RdAdmin variance 
2020-0113-SPHAMichael & Terri Poleski8208 Millers Island Rd  
2020-0114-AEmily & Nicholas Philpot718 Regester AveAdmin variance 
2020-0115-AAvalon Foundry Row, LLCReisterstown Rd Signs
2020-0116-AGregory Maddox6908 Ebenezer RdAdmin variance 
2020-0117-SPHAColonial Stoler, LLC11309/11311 Reisterstown Rd Signs, Oct 1
2020-0118-ATahara Akmal & Milton Young13010 Bottom BdAdmin variance 
2020-0119-SPHASara Rowan3925 Dance Mill Rd Acc. apart.
2020-0120-AReggie & Jessia Dowell359 Stillwater Rd  
2020-0121-ARJ & Susinn Tosato3941 North Point Rd  
2020-0122-AWayne & Karen Koski-Miller127 Church RdAdmin variance 
2020-0124-SPHABaltimore Christian Faith Center, Inc10240 Liberty Rd ECC outside URDL - denied
2020-0125-SPHAMark Kukucka12402 Jerusalem Rd  
2020-0126-AWayne Jackum317 Sassafras RdAdmin variance 
2020-0127-AJoshua & Erika Slater2711 Old Court RdAdmin variance 
2020-0128-AZachary Summers & Taylor Shirk1731 Brookview RdAdmin variance 
2020-0129-AVictoria Rummel4213 Cottington RdAdmin variance 
2020-0131-AElizabeth Sligh2024 Middleborough Rd  
2020-0132-SPHABruce & Feda Goldman6603&6605 Pimlico Rd Religious building, parking 24/56
2020-0133-SPHCatherine Orzolek, Noreen Honeycutt4005 Briar Point Rd Split RC5 parcel
2020-0134-AMelvin Ansell2805 Northwind RdAdmin variance 
2020-0135-ADonna Echols6712 North River RdAdmin variance 
2020-0136-AJun Yu Li and Young Yi Wu3608 Washington Blvd  
2020-0137-ANeil Brownaweil & Jean Scheffenacker1630 York RdAdmin variance 
2020-0138-SPHXAThe Gospel Faith Missione International, Inc10610 Liberty Rd Parking, etc, church
2020-0139-SPHXAMohamed Elnadi11723 Reisterstown Rd Dental office in Class B
2020-0140-AEdwin Perez1955 Ewald Ave Pigeons
2020-0141-AKevin & Joy Dunn7432 Brookwood AveAdmin variance 
2020-0142-XNestor Peralta, Rosa Bravo813 Eastern Blvd Living in commercial
2020-0143-AMark & Heather Kendal5721 McCormick AveAdmin variance 
2020-0144-AOwings Mills Mall, LLC10240 (10210) Mill Run Cir  
BVS Holdings, LLC3002, 3919, 322 North Rolling Rd Dev plan
2020-0146-ASteven & Sarah Willner6804 Maurleen RdAdmin variance 
2020-0147-AHarry L. Shaw630 Debaugh AveAdmin variance 
2020-0148-ACharles and Robin Hundley2005 Belfast RdAdmin variance 
2020-0149-ACarol and William Randall16610 Old York RdAdmin variance 
2020-0150-SPHAMary & Donald Sloat16323 Matthews Rd In-law apartment
2020-0151-AJohn & Deborah Clark6603 Carol RdAdmin variance 
2020-0152-XAPrism Realty Enterprises, owner
DaShawn Bailey, purchaser
8106 Harford Rd Service garage
2020-0153-XAStokes Real Estate, LLC, owner; Patrick Richardson, purchaser7 Deneison Ave Civic, social, use; residence
2020-0154-ATimothy J. and Jilda L. Bateman2406 Stonewall CtAdmin variance 
2020-0155-AJoshua P. and Angela V. Horman318 Stonewall RdAdmin variance 
2020-0157-AKevin Clatterbuck7101 River Drive Rd  
2020-0158-ASteven I. and Avital M. Friedman6715 Old Pimlica RdAdmin variance 
2020-0159-XAEugene Lorenzo, owner;
Belair Hill, LLC, purchaser
8100-8110 Belair Rd Gas station, Oct 5
2020-0160-SPHXCatonsville Pres Church1400 Frederick Rd Outdoor columbarium
2020-0161-APeter F. Raab Jr. and Lisa R. Raab5927 Loreley Beach RdAdmin variance 
2020-0162-AHerman & Mollie Bellew3708 Patapsco Ave  
2020-0164-AHenry P. and Elizabeth N. Smyth2312 Garrett TdAdmin variance 
2020-0166-AHoward R. and Susan R. Shearer3306 Tray LnAdmin variance 
2020-0167-AStephen and Catherine Feinman1023 Beach RdAdmin variance 
2020-0168-SPHHenry & Risa Jampel6499 Darnall Rd Accessory dwelling
2020-0169-AWilliam P. and Amy S. Matschulat4708 Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2020-0170-AJorge Barbecho7235 Bridgewood Dr  
2020-0172-APatrick & Linda Kerr3500A Galloway Rd  
2020-0173-AChristian Clifton5625 Ashbourne RdAdmin variance 
2020-0174-SPHNancy Wilkey6072 Falls Rd  
2020-0175-AMaryland Homes, LLC30 Stemmers Run Rd  
2020-0176-AThomas & Shirley PhillipsSeneca Rd  
2020-0177-AKelly Zink14506 Misty Valley RdAdmin variance 
2020-0178-SPHADavid Bosse1618 Middleborough Rd  
2020-0179-SPHAYahrzeit Memorials, Inc7020 Reisterstown Rd Parking 7/14
2020-0180-ANettie Hines9301 Tulsemere RdAdmin variance 
2020-0181-AThomas & Amanda Nieto1400 Wilson Point RdAdmin variance 
2020-0182-AMaddiemack, LLC, owner; Northpoint Developemnt, LLC, purchaser6400, 6402 Falls Rd  
2020-0183-AMichael & Shakira Ward1016 Quietwood CtAdmin variance 
2020-0184-ATPA Properties 2, LLC6001 Bethleham Blvd Signs
2020-0185-APatirica Smith13230 Long Green PikeAdmin variance 
2020-0186-AAZ Nottingham, LLC8601 Belair Rd Parking 27/30
2020-0187-SPHAElizabeth Wayne Thompson1933 Bulls Sawmill Rd Garage
2020-0188-AJason & Michelle Fedash3235 Pelger RdAdmin variance 
2020-0189-ADavid Katz & Rebecca Leaf3303 Tray LnAdmin variance 
2020-0190-AIrvine Natural Science Center, Inc11115 Garrison Forest Rd Dec 1, erroneously pub. as 2020-0054-A
2020-0191-ATia Beasley-Foster & Priscilla Brown11532 Garrison Forest RdAdmin variance 
2020-0192-APatrica Wolfe, Todd Dooms8027 Hillendale Rd Chickens on 0.2a
2020-0193-SPHANorino Properties, LLC, owner;
Blue Heron Holdings, LLC, puchaser
1100-16 Beech Dr Parking 98/139 for restaurant
2020-0194-AShlomo & Menucha Weiss2402 Hunt RdAdmin variance 
2020-0196-SPHAMichael Bissessar, etal8728 Oakleigh Rd  
2020-0197-AEliza Jamison1321 Seneca Rd  
2020-0198-SPHSteven & Maria HamiltonStansbury Mill Rd @ Dunstan Ln  
2020-0199-SPHAEstate of Maurice Duca11804 Manor Rd  
2020-0200-SPHARossville, LLC, owner; Tractor Supply Co, purchaser9506-9544 Philadelphia Rd Parking 383/567, signs
2020-0201-AJohnathan Tyler & Kolleen Busha7300 Temple LnAdmin variance 
2020-0202-AGregory O & Rita Ward3922 Chaffey RdAdmin variance 
2020-0203-ABrian Hamilton1027 Marshane Rd  
2020-0204-AChristopher & Jessica Weston11181 Ridgemont RdAdmin variance 
2020-0205-AKaren Gatzke & Sharon Rossi508 Hilton AveAdmin variance 
2020-0206-AChad & Gabriela Wasileski19418 Spooks Hill RdAdmin variance 
2020-0207-SPHShreyus Panchigar248 Clyde Ave 2nd res in garage
2020-0208-ARobert Scott1211 Engleberth Rd  
2020-0209-AMark Schreder4808 Carmella DrAdmin variance 
2020-0210-AUnited House of Prayer for all People of the Church on the Rock363 Kenwood Ave & 901 Buehler Ave  
2020-0211-SPHXABeaver Dam, LLC, John Phelps10901 McCormick Rd  
2020-0212-AIra & Nancy Oring57 Bellchase CtAdmin variance 
2020-0215-AMichael & Nora O'Hara3206 Blenhein RdAdmin variance 
2020-0216-APaul Pollutra4715 Mawani RdAdmin variance 
2020-0217-ABryan & Heidi Kelly513 Club LnAdmin variance 
2020-0218-SPHMorris & Sharon Bohlayeradj 920 Freeland Rd  
2020-0219-SPHAFoxhall Manor, LLC, purchaser6020 Foxhall Manor Dr Panhandle lot
2020-0220-AArthur & Sahar Nauman14012 Phoenix Rd  
2020-0221-SPHAAllison Rich, Weston Park19675 Eagle Mill Rd In-law apart.
2020-0222-ASister Servants of Mary Immaculate, Inc1222 Tugwell Dr  
2020-0223-SPHGordon Kelly4948 Tulip Ave  
2020-0224-ACornelius Helfrich16 Locust Dr  
2020-0225-AGlenn Henley13402 B Manor RdAdmin variance 
2020-0226-SPHHerbert Schaffer21201 West Liberty Rd  
2020-0227-AMohamad & Milly Jamal621 E Seminary AveAdmin variance 
2020-0228-AKarin Hastings-Miller7500 Holabird AveAdmin variance 
2020-0229-SPHARCG Revocable TrustButler Rd ne of Mantua Mill Rd  
2020-0230-SPHXAHouse of Der, Inc, Golden Dragon Inn, Inc8109 Liberty Rd  
2020-0231-AClaudia Gilmore2016 Rolling RdAdmin variance 
2020-0232-ATod Joseph & Amanda Reusching909 Kingston RdAdmin variance 
2020-0233-AMichael & Julie Eagan21023 Slab Bridge Rd  
2020-0234-ADr Crystal Greene8632 Windmill Rd  
2020-0235-ACharles & Marlene Acree1503 Shore Rd  
2020-0236-AToro Services, LLC1639 Hopewell Ave  
2020-0237-XAKevin & Sally Quinn1212 Bernoudy Rd Chef
2020-0239-AJoseph & Lisa Hosier1 Kincaid Ct  
2020-0240-ALarry & Alex Paglia109 Greenridge RdAdmin variance 
2020-0241-ARonald & Claudia Kauffman8819 Ridgleys Choice DrAdmin variance 
2020-0242-XAMerritt-LB-1, LLC, owner
WLR Holding Company, Inc, purchaser
3500-3504 Washington Blvd Car wash, parking 28/34, signs
2020-0243-ACynthia Berman4 Stone Row CtAdmin variance 
2020-0244-AJennifer Lynn Larkin18 Dixie DrAdmin variance 
2020-0245-ABabak & Mahshid Sophia Zarabian6502 Steerforth Ct  
2020-0246-SPHA1323 Greenwood LLC, owner
Peter Garver/Pikesville Self Storage, LLC, purchaser
1323 Greenwood Rd  
2020-0247-AEdward & Jennifer Luers1320 Birch AveAdmin variance 
2020-0248-AIrvin Naiman2705 Geartner RdAdmin variance 
2020-0249-ABarry & Judith Nabozny3517 Overbrook RdAdmin variance 
2020-0250-AJoseph & Theresa Carter639 Rockaway Beach Rd  
2020-0251-AChrist Dominion Church10296 Liberty Rd  
2020-0252-SPHDulaney Valley Memorial Gardens200 East padonia Rd  
2020-0253-AWillie Irvin & Gwendolyn Lewis14 Charleswood CtAdmin variance 
2020-0255-SPHAThe Comforts of Home, LLC9917 Liberty Rd Assited living
2020-0257-AWilliam & Joan Staicos9834 Fox Hill RdAdmin variance 
2020-0258-A>a?Eric & Rivka Leichter6809 Chippewa Dr  
2020-0259-AJeffrey and Charlotte Radcliffe and Bonifacio R. Fernando Jr.2016 Freeland RdAdmin variance  
2020-0260-AWilliam & Jennifer Martin67 Cinder RdAdmin varianceFowl on .33a - denied
2020-0261-SPHZiad & Elizabeth Bakri900 Army Rd Bathroom in garage
2020-0262-SPHAWhite Marsh Plaza Trust7900 Honeygo Blvd Parking 381/516
2020-0263-AMelyssa & Patrick Kenney11605 Terry Town DrAdmin variance 
2020-0264-ABrian & Susan Harris17825 Marshall Mill RdAdmin variance 
2020-0265-ARoberta Aguilera8109 Walnut Ave  
2020-0266-ARobert & Concetta DiMarino13029 Fork Rd Fence
2020-0267-ARed Maple Place407 E Joppa Rd 54 apartments
2020-0268-AMark & Kaitlin Baer125 Taunton AveAdmin variance 
2020-0269-ASt Charles Borroneo's Roman Catholic Congregation110 West Sudbrook Ln/101 Church Ln  
2020-0270-SPHAGod With Us, LLC8607 Liberty Rd Parking in DR16, 25/42
2020-0271-ADeborah Dawson11100 Bird River Grove RdAdmin variance  
2020-0272-AKenilworth, LP, owner; Pike Howard, purchaser842 Kenilworth Dr Sign
2020-0273-ADavid & Kallie Langley504 Wilton RdAdmin variance 
2020-0274-AEric Owens & Kayson Johnson-Owens711 Wilson Green CtAdmin variance 
2020-0275-SPHABrian D & Kelly Pieninck1410 Gerber Ln  
2020-0276-AOscar & Rossina Ramirez2311 Winterwood RdAdmin variance 
2020-0277-ADorothy Lynn Moore and Mary Beth Moore11233 Beach RdAdmin variance  
2020-0278-AHillel & Alana Goldman6609 Shelrick PlAdmin variance  
2020-0279-AMark Louis Levy & Susan Hyatt Levy3236 Peilger RdAdmin variance  
2020-0280-AJames & Cushla Srour2531 Barrision Point Rd  
2020-0281-APrashant Verghese & Suja Prashant9014 Sunni Perch CtAdmin variance  
2020-0282-AThomas Taylor, Jr17415 Wesley Chpael RdAdmin variance 
2020-0283-AMaureen Kenny2208 Pleasant View WayAdmin variance  
2020-0284-AJeffrey Warner1302 Birch AveAdmin variance  
2020-0285-AMG Michael, Inc2343 West Joppa Rd
(corner Greenspring Valley Rd/Jones Falls Rd)
 Service station/convenience store, parking 12/18
2020-0286-SPHAStephen & Jeannette Guy9 Chilhowie Ct  
2020-0287-ABrian & Kristen Finkelstein3120 Caves Rc  
2020-0288-A2nd Baltimore Acquisition, LLC19700 York Rd  
2020-0289-ARyan Scott & Colleen Moore105 Oak AveAdmin variance 
2020-0290-AFrancis & Elizabeth Kemp3706 Patapsco Ave  
2020-0291-AMichael & Na Hutton6411 CatalpaAdmin variance 
2020-0292-AGuy & Clare White2 Thorndyke GarthAdmin variance 
2020-0293-ALeah Bracey1052 Marleigh CirAdmin variance 
2020-0294-AJamie & Richard Bandelin, et al13203 Beaver Dam RdAdmin variance 
2020-0295-AJason Navan & Amy Auerbach10912 Hunt Pass CtAdmin variance 
2020-0297-SPHASREIT Kelso, LLC, owner; Amazon Services, LLC, lessee22 Marshfield Ct Parking, trucking facility
2020-0298-AMaurice & Monique Wise29 Millstone RdAdmin variance 
2020-0299-SPHASaman Radparvar, owner;
Ahavat Shalom Congregation, purchaser
3009 Northbrook Rd Synagogue
2020-0300-ASummit Signs and Graphics, McDonald's Corp.7732,7734 Wise Ave Parking 42/75, signs
2020-0300-ASummit Signs and Graphics, McDonald's Corp.7732,7734 Wise Ave Parking 42/75, signs
2020-0301-AEskandar Yazaji705 Weil Mandel Way  
2020-0303-AMichael & P Yvonne Rekus16901 A Gorsuch Mill RdAdmin variance 
2020-0304-SPHXASuburban Orthodox Congregation7504-7514 Seven Mile Ln Synagogue, ambulance building
2020-0305-ALance Ruffin5526 West North Ave  
2021-0306-SPHLemart & LaWanda Salisbury9 Carthage Ct Addition in riverine floodpalin
2020-0307-AJeffrey & Angela Buerhaus9401 Avondale RdAdmin variance 
2020-0308-ATommy & Barbara Burke15827 Yeoho RdAdmin variance 
2020-0309-SPHA2429 Lightfoot, LLC2429 Lightfoot Dr Synagogue

Hide           Calendar 2021 cases (filed Jan 2021 - Dec 2021)
Case(s)Petitioner(s)Address /LocationTypeIssue/result
2021-0001-SPHMelissa & Joseph Mihm13614 Devonbrook Rd In-law addition
2021-0003-ARodolfo & Patricia Rosenberg1005 Cold Spring Rd  
2021-0004-XJoan Sauter Stevens, Carol Sauter, Dawn Sauter Marszal, owners
Lion One, LLC, purchaser
Ridge Rd, 350ft n of Dogwood Rd Solar Facility 
2021-0005-AMelvin & Julia Kestner800 Middle RdAdmin variance 
2021-0006-SPHCarlyle Montanya4510&4600 Prospect Ave  
2021-0007-AGallery Church of Baltimore, Inc502-504 Fairview Ave  
2021-0008-XAFrances Fischer, owner
Green Clean Auto Wash, purchaser
8711 Liberty Rd  
2021-0009-SPHGilroy, LLCEnd of Gilroy Rd Dev in floodplain
2021-0010-SPHXPasqualena, LLC20517 Keeney Mill Rd Camp and community care center
2021-0011-ANorman & Danette Boone12415 Wolbert WayAdmin variance 
2021-0013-SPHRichard & Kathleen Windsor20061 Middletown Rd  
2021-0014-AWilliam & Constance Howell9119 Ave BAdmin variance 
2021-0015-SPHAAlex & Olga Keselman2A Stone Garden Ct Panhandle drive >500ft
2021-0016-AMatthew & Mary Newcomb5714 First AveAdmin variance 
2021-0017-SPHAJustin & Crystal Sapp14 Gerwell Ct 1/2 bath in detached structure
2021-0018-AHonor Walesby16 Dutton Ave  
2021-0019-ADominion Rental Holding, LLC8520 Castlemill Cir  
2021-0020-SPHRachel, Michael, and Renee Cantori29 Pelczar Ave In-law apartment
2021-0021-AGast Construction, Charles Gast1119 Chester Rd Lot width 39/70ft
2021-0022-AAmy Hribar & Tomasz Kubicz515 Sussex RdAdmin variance 
2021-0023-AEstate of Evelyn Elliott3903 Glenhurst Rd  
2021-0024-SPHAEstate of Evelyn Elliotadj to 3903 Glenhurst Rd  
2021-0025-AMichael & Lana Marie Condon1316 Chesapeake AveAdmin variance 
2021-0026-ADaniel & Lindsay Redfield720 Chapel Ridge RdAdmin variance 
2021-0027-SPHJoseph & Lisa Hosier1 Kincaid Ct  
2021-0028-SPHADavid & Shellie Krajewski3522 Glenwood Rd In-law apartment
2021-0029-SPHDr Norman & Ellen BartonOvershot Ct  
2021-0030-AStephen Jonke & Rebekah Remington-Jonke8 Cedarwood RdAdmin variance 
2021-0033-AWayne & Denise Chesner3300 Tray LnAdmin variance 
2021-0034-AGeorge & Marie Rogers, etal1445 Galena RdAdmin variance 
2021-0036-AMatthew & Sarah Paul2301 Gross AveAdmin variance 
2021-0038-AStephen & Deborah Gerlach7 Blackforest RdAdmin variance 
2021-0040-SPHAOakleigh Road LLC8649 Oakleigh Rd  
2021-0043-SPHXAmbrose Properties, LLC, Funeral HomeW side Hammond Ferry Rd at Third Ave  
2021-0045-AMark & Emily Wachtmeister6311 Pinehurst RdAdmin variance 
2021-0046-AFP Sub, LLC, owner; McDonald's, Purchaser7927 Belair Rd Parking 34/64
2021-0050-SPHAOuty PropertiesSW side Park Heights Ave, NW of Hunting Tweed Dr  
2021-0051-AMichael Schuster & Lauren Lynch3302 Tray LnAdmin variance 
2021-0053-AKensington Associates4622 Wilkens Ave  
2021-0054-AChristopher & Jessica Hughes713 Hollow RdAdmin variance 
2021-0056-ATrade Craft Homes, LLCS side Elton Ave, e side Poplar (Lot 11)  
2021-0057-ATrade Craft Homes, LLCS side Elton Ave, e side Poplat (Lot 12)  
2021-0063-AJacqueline & Chris Norman17216 Wesley Chapel RdAdmin variance 
2021-0065-AJenny Daley-Kess9123 Summer Park DrAdmin variance 
2021-0067-SPHXAHV Dealership Properties, LLC10240-10260 York Rd Service garage in ML
2021-0069-ATroy Lee & Mary Lou Ray7531 Mount Vista RdAdmin variance 
2021-0076-ASecurity Boulevard Ventures, LLC7726 Johnnycake Rd  

Updated 9 April 2021