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Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP 2020)

Once every 4 years, the County goes through a year-long process to revise the zoning maps. During this process, anyone can request a change of zoning on any property in the County. All requests are them reviewed by the Planning Board, which makes recommendations to the County Council in the form of proposed legislation. The Council then amends that legislation by motion for any issue on which they do not want to go along with the recommendation, and votes on the result. The usual practice is called "Councilmanic Courtesy", in which the other 6 (almost always) go along with the desire of the Councilperson whose district each issue is in. Kingsville is now in the 5th District, the Councilperson being David Marks. For more information see here

These are the issues in the Kingsville area:

  • 5-007, 11708 Stocksdale Rd (RC2 to RC5, 14.47a)
  • 5-033, 9955 Belair Rd (DR1 to BL, .26a) Although this is not in Kingsville proper (but is a 21087 Zip Code), it is a further encroachment towards our residential neighborhood.
  • 5-060, NE corner Belair Rd and Miller Rd (DR2 34.4a to DR1) (lower density)
  • 5-064, 11819 Belair Rd (G&M) (RC5 .35a, BM CR 1.3a)

Map of issues

The legislative session to approve the new zonings will be held in August 2020.

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