Issue 5-047 and 5-048, Kingsville Triangle and area

Petitioner: Council
Owner: Various
Map grid: 055A3
Growth Tier: 3
Elementary School: Kingsville
Middle School: Perry Hall
High School: Perry Hall

Planning Board
5-047 RC2 1.05a RC7 1.04a RC2 1.05a RC2 1.05a RC7 1.04a
5-048 BL CR 8.82a
BM CR 2.75a
RC5 2a
RCC .47a
RO CR .37a
BL CR 9a
BM CR 2.3a
RC5 2.26a
RCC .53a
RO CR .37a
BL CR 8.82a
BM CR 2.75a
RC5 2a
RCC 0.47a
RO CR 0.37a
BL CR 8.82a
BM CR 2.75a
RC5 2a
RCC 0.47a
RO CR 0.37a
RCC 6.44a
BM CR 1.28a
RC5 6.75a

See below for exactly what the decision was.

It's pretty hard to imagine how the staff could recommend no change, when the present zoning boundaries do not line up with the property lines in many cases. At the least, these must be fixed! It is noted when looking through all the issues that the staff has recommended "no change" on a vast majority of issues (all but one of those in the Kingsville area). It is quite obvious that they did this because of a lack of time and staff to actually examine these issues, and recommending "no change" is an easy way out.

Zoning history

In 2000 and 2004, attempts were made to upzone (to BM) the "house" lot and the "vacant lot" south of and behind G&M. These were denied. As far back as 1979, Schulte attempted to get approval to use this vacant lot for business (parking cars for sale). It was denied after vehement objection by GKCA and other neighbors.

Nearby zoning

Environmental Concerns

All of this area flows into a small, unnamed stream (under the bridge on Bradshaw Rd) that then flows through my property and eventually into the Little Gunpowder, one of the few remaining streams in our area that is rated as "good quality". Runoff from impervious surfaces, especially ones containing junked vehicles, is a major concern.

Aerial Photo


This is a very complicated issue, since it includes many different types of zonings and uses and calls for numerous corrections. This really is a "comprehensive" issue, and provides an opportunity to straighten out a series of problems and a chance to protect the center of old Kingsville. This is primarily a commerical area, but some businesses have gotten completely out-of-hand with what they are doing, resulting in damage to surrounding residential areas. The goals of the rezoning here should be:

  • Concentrate on promoting local business use.
  • Prevent any possible development in the "triangle".
  • Continue to provide neighboring residences adequate buffer protection from adjacent business use.
  • Make zoning lines match property lines.

Several years ago, many of the property lines in this area were completely wrong in the GIS data. For example, the parcel at 7304 Temple (now RO CR) wasn't even on the map. In about 2008, at my urging, the GIS data was corrected for this area. Now it is time to correct the zoning lines.

Final Decision

The following map shows the final zoning decision.

- Post office lot changed to RCC.
- Cell tower lot changed to RC5.
- Old State Highway garage (behind JSI) changed to RCC.
- West side of Belair Rd (liquor store, JSI, etc.) changed to RCC (prevents building "large box store".
- Old bank property and parking lots changed to RCC.
- Other property around G&M maintained as RC5.
- Lines corrected so zoning lines follow property lines.