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I-95 Express Toll Lanes

The major project going on along I-95 is intended to eventually allow an express toll lane to be added in the center of the general propose (free) lanes, from Baltimore City to the Delaware line. The overall project has 4 phases:

  • Section 100, I-95/I-895 split to New Forge Rd
  • Section 200, New Forge Rd to MD 22 (through Kingsville area)
  • Section 300, MD 22 to MD 222
  • Section 400, MD 222 to Delaware line
Section 100 is complete. Section 200 through Kingsville is in the planning phases, involving the examination of alternatives, including the "no-build" alternative. Surprise, surprise, they picked the express toll lane alternative.

The alternatives study is online and only addresses improvements to the existing interchanges (all in Harford County). It does not mention any plans in the Kingsville area except for the construction of some sound abatement walls, and "reconstruction" of the Bradshaw overpass in 2019-2010 and of the Raphel Rd overpass in 2020-2023. The state determines their length, but it will be up to the County to determine how wide these bridges need to be, that is, whether or not they need to be 4 lanes. If the state is paying for them, you can be sure that the County will recommend 4-lane.

There is also an associated project to relocate the I-95 maintenance facility from MD 543, which will be displaced by the project. The Rutkowski farm was purchased for this purpose. The maintenance facility itself requires about 10 acres, so the remaining 57 acres would be the site of forest mitigation, that is, much of it would be replanted with trees. There may be a salt storage building on-site, and the vehicle cleaning operation will require waste water treatment and disposal. Of course, there is still a possibility that the MTA will swap this 67-acre property with the 27-acre Schmidt property, since it would be more convenient for the maintenance facility to be closer to I-95 (and less of an impact on Kingsville).

More information (all old) concerning Section 200 can be found here.

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