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Some neighbors like to celebrate various occasions with fireworks. We have seen some pretty impressive displays in our residential areas.

Other neighbors have rightfully complained about this, and talk about scared dogs, scared children, etc.

As a convenient reference, here is a summary of the laws related to this:

State Law

Fireworks are covered by the Public Safety Article, §10.101 to 104

"Fireworks" include firecrackers, Roman candles, sky rockets, etc.

State law requires that a permit be obtained from the State Fire Marshall (not the local Volunteer Fire Company) to discharge fireworks. Such a permit does not supersede any County requirement. It requires:

  • Issued at least 10 days prior
  • $50 fee
  • Post a bond
  • Carry worker's compensation or accident insurance

County Code

Driven mostly by some cases of horses being injured when spooked, the County Council passed Bill 82-15 which set the following regulations:

  • "Fireworks" includes "firecrakers and rockets"
  • A person may not discharge fireworks more than 3 times in 1 year
  • Fireworks may not be discharged after 11 pm
  • May not be discharged at a place where they have been previously discharged 3 times during the year
  • Must give notice at least 21 days prior by certified mail to every property owner within 1,500 ft
See BCC §14-2-203 for details.


A somewhat related issue involves the discharge of guns. The County Code prohibits the discharge of a "firearm or weapon" within what is called the Metropolitan District. This includes crossbow, pistol, air pistol, gas-propelled pistol, rifle, air rifle, gas-propelled rifle, or shotgun. The Metropolitan District includes all area east of Harford Rd between the Big and Little Gunpowder.

Exceptions are provided for bona fide target ranges and shotguns during hunting season with no heavier that No 2 shot.

See BCC *sect; 17-2-101

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