Community Issues - Powerlines by Transource

Citizens of Harford County (and PA) vs. Transource

A good (bad) example of what is happening can be found in Harford County where a very large and vocal citizens' group has been formed to stop the construction of yet another large power line, this on coming down from Pennsylvania to the existing substation at Conastone (near Norrisville). This battle is being waged even though the new line would be only about 2 miles in Harford County. Part of the fear is that, since its purpose is to provide for more power transmission down to areas south of Baltimore, it is just a prelude to more lines from Conastone going south through the rest of Harford County and Baltimore County.

One of the issues that drives citizens' concern is that, early in 2017, the state assembly passed HB 308/SB0969 that allows such utility companies to use eminent domain to seize land.

This case provides an excellent example. Back in 2007, was considered by PJM (see Page 18) for a project to upgrade the Conastone-Otter Creek (in PA) 230 kV line. It showed an estimated in-service date of June 1, 2012. Apparently, this was never built. Now, the same PJM has recommended and approved a project to build a new line from a new substation called Furnace Run to Conastone. The new Furnace Run substation will be 2 miles from the existing Otter Creek station. Further, the final proposed route from Furnace Run to Conastone parallels the existing line at a distance of about 2 miles. See composite map.

See the Aegis article about the final proposed route.

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Updated 13 Nov 2017