RF levels from various every-day devices compared to Smart Meters

These values are from a BGE filing to the MD PSC which simply quoted values from various industry studies.

RF SourceDistancePower density (µW/cm2)
Microwave oven5 cm from door
(FDA limit)
Microwave1 meter10
Cell phoneat head30-10,000
Cell phone base stationat ground level1-12
Walkie-Talkieat head500-42,000
Wi-Fi router, access point2.5m10-20
Lap-top with Wi-Fi1m10-20
Smart meter1 foot8.8
Smart meter25 feet.005
Smart grid access point25 feet0.03

The following are from a study done by the AAEM in their attempt to show that these meters are dangerous. The table is copied from their report, with the power density unit of mW/m2 converted to µW/cm2 to allow comparison with the above table.

RF SourceDistancePower density (µW/cm2)
Landis+Gyr Smart meter3 ft19.1
10 ft3.4
20 ft.4
50 ft.1

Note that the measurements vary widely because of the different configurations and situations being measured. However, it can quickly be seen that any radio-frequency "radiation" from Smart Meters is insignificant compared with many other sources that we take for granted.

Another interesting table in the AAEM report shows the power level measured in front, to the side, and behind the meter. The level behind it was 1/400 of that in font, thus demonstrating that the claim that occupants of the house on the other side of the wall are in special danger is really bogus.