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Bill 104-20, Parking requirement for Cannabis facilities

Sponsor: Kach
Benefits: ?

This bill allows a cannabis grower or processor to provide 50% of the required parking off site if they provide a shuttle to that off-site facility or if they are within 1000 ft of a light rail stop and the parking facility is also within 1000 ft of a light rail facility. There is no requirement that they be 2 different light rail stations, so they could get by with an off-site parking facility up to 2000 feet away, as long as there was a light rail stop half way.

There is no reason to believe that employees would regularly walk 1000 ft from a parking lot to the light rail, take the light rail to another stop, and then walk 1000 ft to work, and reverse this after work.

There is already a parking reduction of 5% if within 1000 ft of a transit facility, so this is added to the 50%?

If such a reduction is justified, it should be for all industrial uses, not just cannabis producers.

Introduced Oct 5; approved Nov 2; effective Nov 16

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