Community Issues - Special Laws

Bill 19-14, Brewery in ML/MH

Sponsor: Huff
Benefitted: Penn Mar, Maryland Line

Allows increased occupancy at community care facility above the existing limit of 75 persons for

  • site of at least 2 acres
  • outside the URDL
  • in RC2
It was for a specific facility at Maryland Line of 4.9a. The proper process would have been to change the zoning in CZMP from RC2 to an appropriate business zoning.

In 2009, a broad-based, citizen committee recommended that this very limit of 75 person be reduced in RC2. Its recommendations were never acted upon by the County Council. It is absolutely ridiculous to allow even the previously allowed 75 people at a facility served by well and septic on this 4.9 acre parcel! Can you imagine one on 2 acres? That's what's required for a single-family dwelling.

In previous Zoning hearings for this property, the following was requested:

  • 87-507-X, Original Special Exception, granted, set max at 75 persons
  • 91-203-A, variance to add sign, granted, with limitations, such as 6. no illumination
  • 95-106-SPHXA, delete conditions 1,2,3, and 4 of previous case

      Introduced April 7, 2014; passed May 5

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