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Bill 47-22, Used Auto Sales in BM

Sponsor: Bevins
Benefits: ?

This bill adds an allowance for a used auto sales lot in BM, but only if within one mile of the Middle River Design Review Panel Area (which is a residential area). The "only if within" wording is the typical phrase to prevent the allowance from applying to other Councilmatic Districts so that other Council memebrs can approve the Bill in accordance with the practice "Councilmatic courtesy" (which they ignored in defeating Bill 17-15, 4 members caving to the wishes of a car dealer).

This allowance is problematic since such Design Review Areas are created and modifed by Resolutions, not Bills. No zoning laws should be passed by Resolution. Further, since the allowance contains a condition (within one mile) there needs to be an open process by which such a condition is validated. The only way to do this is to make the use "by Special Exception" to require a hearing.

The following shows approximately where the limit of one mile is. The possible BM-zoned properties to benefit from this Bill are shown in red (consisting of 3 parcels).

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