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Bill 68-20, Signs in RO

Sponsors: Marks
Benefits: Leo's Garage, 14 Willow Ave

This Bill allows additional signage at a Service garage that is operating as a legal, non-conforming use in RO. In a zoning case 2001-0532-SPH, this part of the building and parcel was granted the legal, non-conforming use as a service garage. There were restrictions placed on the operation but no mention of signs.

On 24 July 2019, a complaint was submitted for "Signs on property". It was closed 7 Aug as "no violation".

The case file for 2001-0532-SPH shows a long-running dispute over the use of this property, including excess parking on Willow Ave, a residential street. This included apparent use of the property to store and dispatch taxis. (Note car parked on sidewalk in this recent photo, as well as the non-permitted roof sign.)

Comments: The subjects of Service Garages and signs in RO need to be addressed in a holistic manner. The present BCZR is very vague and lacking in these two areas. This Bill should address the broader subject of signs in RO, especially for any business operating as legal, non-conforming - maybe by stating that its sign allowances would be the same as if it were in BL.

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