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Bill 78-20, Facilities in Honeygo Overlay District

Sponsors: Marks
Benefits: ? (I'm looking)

This Bill provides allowances for the following in DR1 H on lots of no larger that 0.5 acre:

  • Blacksmith in western subarea (Deleted by amendment in legislative session)
  • Barber shop or hair salon in eastern subarea

This Bill is faulty for several reasons.

  • If it is intended to provide an allowance in DR1, then the stipulations should be added to Article 1B of the BCZR regarding DR zoning.
  • There is a confusion as there are 2 different district designations: H and H1. This Bill refers to a "Honeygo Overlay District" without distinguishing which.
  • A further confusion is that the Bill refers to the "western subarea" (since deleted from the Bill) and the "eastern subarea" and includes a map from the BCZR titled "proposed, Feb 2015". I find no legislative text regarding the actual bounds of these "subareas".
  • It makes no sense to limit any such use, especially a commercial use, to a very small lot, rather than a lot of at least a certain size. There is a basic contradiction here of limiting the use to 1/2 acre lots in a zone that requires a 1 acre per dwelling unit density. Any lot created in such a zone should be larger that 1/2 acre.
  • The Overlay Districts should not be used to allow a use that is not allowed in the underlying zone since to do so often leads to ambiguities and contradictions. The uses allowed by this Bill are directly contrary to the purpose and definition of the DR zones (business in residential).
  • The H District Overlay was created to provide a much higher neighborhood standard for the Honeygo area. This Bill detracts from that plan.

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