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Bill 86-15, ML Zone Use Regulations (Sparrows Point)

Sponsor: Crandell

Allows a whole set of uses on a 2,500 acre tract under common ownership or control zoned MH. As reported in the Sun, it is "believed that Sparrows Point Terminal is the only property that would be affected" and that, without the bill, they would "have to go through cumbersome processes such as seeking a zoning change in the CZMP or submitting a PUD".

The real kicker in this bill is the final sentence that says that "a plan for development for any portion" will be treated as if it had an "A" exemption. An "A" exemption is normally granted for such trivial things as a dwelling on a single lot, one tenant house on a farm, or a lot line adjustment when the number of lots is not changed and there is no increase in total density. It exempts the development from compliance with Subtitle 2.

The development activities or requirements that would be avoided by this "A" exemption include: concept plans, concept plan conference, referral to the Planning Board for conflicts with the Master Plan, Community Input Meeting, Hearing Officer's hearing with possible appeal, and preparing and recording a plat. (This is obviously what the Baltimore Sun referred to as "cumbersome processes". This is ironic, since the PUD process has become a way for developers to avoid the regular "cumbersome" development process.)

In fact, as I read it, they would not be required to file a Development Plan, thus no county agency would be able to or required to review anything.

Passed December 7; effective December 21

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