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Useful Links

County information

County main site - - - - > >
County agencies, etc. - - - - > >
County boards and commisions - - - - > >
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Community information


State information

State main site - - - - > >

Business Entity Data (look up corporations, LLCs, partnerships, etc. registered in MD)
Real Property Search (find who owns a property)
Court Records (search on name to find all Circuit and District court cases in Maryland)
Appellate Court - Pending cases
Appellate Court - Opinions
Sex Offender registry
Unclaimed property (see if you have any money coming to you)
Campaign contributions
Tree Expert license
Forest products (e.g. selling firewood) operator's license
Statewide liquor licenses (But most licenses are county.)
Design and Construction Manual for Sand Mound Systems
Maryland Historical Trust
Search MHT Inventory
Assessment Procedures
MERLIN online mapping (Maryland's Environmental Resources & Land Information)
MEDUSA online mapping (Maryland's Cultural Resources Information)
OSPREY (Maryland Emergency Management)
Department of Labor Relations

Federal Information

Business, etc.

Contact County, State, Federal

Contacts for various problems
410 887-3391 To enquire about zoning (or use MyNeighborhood)
410 887-3351 To report code violations or Online
410 887-7428 To report clogged storm drains and ditches
410 582-5650 To report burned out traffic signals on state roads (ones with numbers like 1 or 7)
410 887-3554 To report burned out traffic signals on county roads
410 887-3560 To report a pot-hole on county roads or Online
410 887-2222 To report traffic problems (illegally parked vehicles, etc)
410 887-5961 or -7297 To report dead animal on county roads (press "O" to get to a person)
410 780-2640 To report dead animal on state roads
410 537-3315 To report illegal tire dumping or storage (more than 50 used tires)
410 887-5194 Questions about the Recreation and Parks activities or
877 225-0412 To file a complaint about illegal advertising signs in State Road right-of-way
To file a complaint about illegal telephone calls Online

Area Associations

Community Associations which represent residents in the area
Carney Improvement Association - Meets 3rd Wednesday, odd months
Greater Jacksonville Association - Meets 3rd Thursday 7:30 PM
Greater Kingsville Civic Association - Meets 3rd Wednesday 7:30 PM
Greater Long Green Community Association - inactive
Greater Parkville Community Council - Meets 2nd Thursday 7 PM
Long Green Valley Association - inactive
Perry Hall Improvement Association - Meets 2nd Thursday 7 PM
Other organizations

Updated 19 Dec 2021