Telecommunications Advisory Panel

The owner of this website was appointed as the 5th District rep to this Panel. It is required by County Code to meet 4 times per year. Since being appointed, I have been trying to find out who the other members are and when it meets. Multiple requests to various County officials (County Council and Ethics Office) have come up dry. It seems that no one knows anything about it. Two Public Information Act requests filed on March 12, 2018 didn't even come up with any meaningful information.

When I went to file one of them at OIT in Room 33 of the Old Court House as instructed to do on the County website, I was challenged by one official who walked in on my conversation with the admin person. He started asking "How did you get in here?" and "Did someone escort you" as if I had entered the inner sanctum where mere public citizens were not allowed. In fact, I had followed the arrows in the hallway to the unlocked door of Room #33!

This is pretty sad how some "county officials" treat citizens. In fact, according to the County Code, membership on an official Board or Commission makes one a "county official".