Traffic Counts

MDOT has a web site that gives traffic counts (both intersections and roads) that is rather hard of use. The following is a simple list of data for the Kingsville area. Each link gives a PDF file that shows, for intersections, how many vehicles coming from each direction turned each way or went straight through and, for roads, the traffic volume. All data is broken down by hour.

Intersections/turning movements

Roads/traffic volume

Roads/traffic volume

Note: Be careful about the directions of roads used in these reports. For Mt. Vista, Bradshaw, and Sunshine, what MDOT calls "north-bound" is more commonly thought of by locals as west-bound.

I will try to keep this list up to date if and when new studies are done. You can go to the MDOT web site to find others.

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Updated 28 Sept 2016 by MAP